Hazel Rives speaks before the Manvel PD&Z Commission during a public hearing about the proposed Access Church. (Photo by Joshua Truksa)  From  @ AlvinSun.net Residents near the planned facility for Access Church on Wilson Street appeared before the Planning, Development and Zoning Commission on Aug. 13 to voice their concerns. Residents are worried about light pollution, drainage issues and traffic. “My concern about this deal is the flooding,” said Hazel Rives, who lives on Cindy Street, before explaining that the building of the church in the proposed location will cause water from Tankersley Road to accumulate and affect several streets. “You build up there. It’s going to come this way. Wilson, Charlotte, Cindy, McCoy, they’re all in the middle of that, and my concern is the amount of flooding that’s going to go on,” Rives said, adding that the city is not paying enough care to long-time residents. Debbie Carrrillo, who lives near the proposed site, said flooding was her main concern, as well, but also added concerns about traffic and light pollution.
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